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LEGO Pink Gramophone

- The model consists of approx 5155 bricks. - The band AQUA appears as a minifigure on the LP. - The Pink Gramophone is motorized so the LP rotates, and there is an on/off diode that lights up.

LEGO Jewelry Box

- Jewelery box with hinged lid. - This is given personally in connection with my engagement, where the LEGO man had the ring in his hands.

LEGO Forklift

  - Different types of forklift, pallet lifter and picking truck.

LEGO Keychain Grabber

-  The model consists of approx 1760 bricks. - It is filled with LEGO keychains that the grabber can collect with using a brick with a magnet. - It is fully functional with manual control. - Left swivel handle lifts / lowers the grab. - Right swivel handle controls the position. - The model is equipped with LEDs. See it in action here:

LEGO Snooker Table

-  The model consists of 2641 bricks - The model imagines a snooker table   inspired by the 12 foot table used in the big snooker tournaments. Video:  LEGO Snooker Table

LEGO Mini City

- The model consists of 6415 bricks - This is a mini city, with i.a. concert venue, industry, racetrack, train station, airport, amusement park, hospital, hotel, apartments, prison, campsite, farm, football pitch, underground car park, city park and a harbor.

LEGO Theme Park

- The model consists of 4544 bricks. - This is a part of an theme park (radio cars, free fall and miniracers). The model is intended as a module to which more rides can be added later. - The model is made so that light can be connected to almost all transparent pieces, where it is possible to run the wire without them being visible. - All 3 rides on the model are made with technic pieces, so they can be connected to a motor that can drive all 3 around at once.

LEGO Modular House

- The model consists of 2936 bricks. - This is a house with i.a. swimming pool, LEGO hobbyroom, garage, roof terrace, minibar, bedrooms, kitchen, toilet / shower, living room and a fountain.

LEGO Florist

- The model consists of 1218 bricks. - It presents a flower shop where you can buy flowers, various gift baskets and a little ice cream if you are deliciously hungry Video:  LEGO Florist (Custom) - Speed Build & Review

LEGO Circus

- Consisting of 5813 bricks - The main number in the manege (rola-bola), is inspired by my own "trick". Look at the picture below or visit:

LEGO High Voltage Rock Concert

- The model consists of 1157 bricks. - This is the first MOC I have made. - The model is like the only one of my MOC, designed in "free hand" (without computer). - The model represents the AC/DC jam band High Voltage, where I have been a drummer for a number of years: Video: Speed Build - High Voltage Rock Concert (Custom/MOC) Review - High Voltage Rock Concert (Custom/MOC)